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What are the abnormalities of menstruation? These include: abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), which may include heavy menstrual bleeding, no menstrual bleeding (amenorrhea) or bleeding between periods (irregular menstrual bleeding) dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual periods) premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Can endometriosis grow without a period? Not necessarily. It's possible to have endometriosis without having a uterus, since endometrial -like tissue can grow in many places in the pelvis (such as the lining of the abdominal cavity or bowels) to cause endometriosis.
Does your period stop suddenly menopause? The menopause is when a woman stops having periods and is no longer able to get pregnant naturally. Periods usually start to become less frequent over a few months or years before they stop altogether. Sometimes they can stop suddenly. Most women will experience menopausal symptoms.
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