Methimazole cost without insurance, medicine hyperthyroidism diagnosis nuclear simple

Methimazole cost without insurance, medicine hyperthyroidism diagnosis nuclear simple

Methimazole cost without insurance, medicine hyperthyroidism diagnosis nuclear

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Does Armour thyroid make you gain weight? Hypothyroidism can cause depression, constipation, weight gain, dry skin, and more. Thyroid medication, such as Armour Thyroid, can also cause side effects, including: irregular menstrual periods.
Can you take too much levothyroxine? This medicine is not effective for weight reduction. If taken in large amounts, levothyroxine may cause serious unwanted effects. Hypothyroidism can sometimes cause infertility in men and women. These could be symptoms of too much medicine in your body.
How do you feel when you have hyperthyroidism? At first, your hyperthyroidism may make you feel hot, have tremors in your hands, or lose weight. Over time, you may notice that your heart is beating fast, that you feel anxious, or that you are having a lot of bowel movements. You may also feel like you just don't have as much energy as usual.
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